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Please note that health care provider changes may occur daily. The First Choice Provider Program has been established through Verity HealthNet, which is not responsible for inadvertent errors or omissions resulting from this search. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this search, you should contact your health care provider to confirm their participation as a First Choice Provider prior to receiving services.
In addition, the selection of a healthcare provider is the responsibility of the patient. By choosing a First Choice provider, you are entitled to the First Choice benefits available through your health plan. This does not guarantee services are covered. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain verification of your covered benefits before receiving services from any healthcare provider. In addition, participation of a health care facility as a First Choice provider does not guarantee facility-based providers are also First Choice providers.
If you have specific questions concerning your health plan coverage, claims or reimbursement, please contact the customer service number on your ID card.