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\Ver"i*ty\,n.; The quality or

state of being true,

factual or real



Verity HealthNet

P. O. Box 83578

Baton Rouge, LA  70884




The Verity Difference


Verity HealthNet does business differently than many of the "managed care" companies.  Following are just a few:


Fee Schedules:

Verity readily distributes fee schedules that are associated with corresponding provider agreements.


Verity does not set onerous filing guidelines in our agreements.


Fee schedule changes require notification of the parties; there is no "from time to time" language in our agreement.


Fees for the entire network change once a year which helps ensure accurate claims payments.


Verity's termination clause matches any fee change notification which ensures there is no overlap to cause you to take lower fees for a period of time.




Verity allows all services available through your clinic to be eligible under our agreement.


Verity never takes away your ability to collect money from the patient in the event you are not paid by the payor.


Verity does not perform any claim "repricing".  Your claims go directly to the claims administrator.


Claim denials for utilization management reasons do not prevent you from billing and collecting from the patient.


Verity considers our providers our partners and as such, does not tolerate silent PPO activity. 




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P. O. Box 83578
Baton Rouge, LA  70884-3578
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