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Verity HealthNet

P. O. Box 83578

Baton Rouge, LA  70884


Provider Search   (last updated 11/1/2019) 


  To begin your provider search, choose a network:      

  Verity HealthNet

           (Select this option if the "Verity HealthNet"  logo is on your card)


  General Health System Insurance Plan

           (Select this option if you are an employee or dependent of General Health Systems 

               and the "GHS" logo is on your card)


  Iberia Medical Center Health Plan

           (Select this option if you are an employee or dependent of Iberia Medical Center Health Plan 

               and the "Verity" logo is on your card)


  Verity First Choice

       (Click the button below if the "Verity First Choice" logo is on your card) 

Please note that changes occur daily and Verity HealthNet is not responsible for inadvertent errors or omissions.  Although we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this search, the only way to confirm the status of a participating provider is by calling Verity HealthNet directly at (225) 819-1135. 


Please also note that Verity HealthNet is a network only and does not determine any matters concerning the selection of a healthcare provider.  Choosing a network provider is the responsibility of the patient and/or insured.  By choosing a network provider, you are entitled to the in-network benefits under your healthplan, but does not guarantee services are covered.  Likewise, choosing a non-network provider may reduce entitlement to benefits noted in your healthplan.  Because of this, we recommend that you obtain verification of your covered benefits before receiving services from any heathcare provider.


If you have specific questions concerning your health plan coverage, insurance claims or reimbursement, please contact the insurance company on your ID card. 


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P. O. Box 83578
Baton Rouge, LA  70884-3578
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