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At Verity we focus on working with creative brokers and firms that not only understand the Louisiana market, but with those who are looking for new, flexible and unique solutions for their clients. Insurance carriers who have dominated the market and enjoyed a pricing advantage have little incentive to provide exceptional service, measurably improved health outcomes and plan flexibility. Our market presence corrects this through competitive pricing and a flexible, best-in-class service partner model with accessible, locally-focused options and national access.

Our Stand-alone or inclusive highly-valued provider network that can complement Verity First Choice (EPO). You also have a choice to add tiered provider networks with benefit options.

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Our Stand-alone Exclusive provider organization (EPO) with no out-of-network coverage (depending on benefit design). It can be complimented with Verity network tier or you can add tiered provider networks with benefit options.

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Our fully integrated health plan designed to address the total cost of care. Supported by the Verity Network in the Louisiana market. Coverage also available in Texas and Oklahoma.

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Value Base Care page is currently under construction. We appreciate your patience.

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Verity and Verity First Choice Networks

Healthcare Highways Health Plan

A Fully Integrated Health Plan Supported by the Verity Network in Louisiana

Results-driven healthcare starts here. Delivering a more affordable, efficient and sustainable healthcare solution.

Centralizing and supporting the relationship between the primary care physician and the patient (member), and its surrounding ecosystem:
1. Advances the care model
2. Promotes population health management
3. Transforms high value care

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