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There are several ways to get information about your medical benefits and eligibility:

  You can call the customer service number listed on your member ID card.
  You can contact your company’s Human Resources Department.
  You can refer to your Member Benefits Handbook.
Because Verity HealthNet does not process claims in our office, we are not able to provide you with any patient claim information. If a claim issue arises, please contact the customer service number listed on the back of the patient’s ID card.
You can request a new or replacement ID card from your insurance company or by contacting your company’s Human Resources Department.
You can locate an in-network provider through our online Provider Search or by calling Verity HealthNet at 225-819-1135.
Because network changes occur on a daily basis, it is good practice to ensure that your provider is (still) in-network before you make an appointment.
We work hard to keep our provider data as current as possible and welcome any information you may have regarding any discrepancies. Please send us an email with the provider details or phone us at 225-819-1135. Upon receipt, we will contact the provider for an update.
You can complete the online Provider Nomination Form and our contracting department will contact the provider for participation in the network or you can phone us with their information at 225-819-1133.

Still Have Questions?

Please Click Here to connect with us via email
Or call us at (225) 819-1135