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Payor Area

Verity has established itself in the payor community as a network providing a viable alternative for employers and payors.

A few items which set us apart

Verity allows its payors to load fee schedule information directly, thus reducing claims turnaround while instituting a more efficient electronic filing and allowing more control over the entire claim process.

Verity’s fees change only one time each year. This significantly reduces claim errors and establishes consistent filing timelines while allowing more accurate actuarial assumptions.

Verity utilizes a significantly reduced number of fee schedules again reducing the administration required by the claim administrator.

Verity offers payors an option to access aggressive discounts thorough partnering with selected providers throughout Louisiana.

As consumers become more involved through HRAs, MSAs and other consumer driven options, more and more patients will aggressively question provider pricing. Verity will be there to meet the demand and partner with those providers who commit to working with us.

Verity considers our providers our partners and as such, does not tolerate silent PPO activity.

Verity does not allow payors to access our network for the sake of discounts without financial incentive on the part of the patient.

We anticipate significant movement into our network as employers and insurance companies complete their analysis of our network and realize the potential cost savings available.

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